Recommended Flies

Winter Steelhead Flies

For the small creeks it is very useful to fish a small heavy tip like 5 feet of T14 and a heavily weighted fly. We prefer the bright pinks, peach, and flashy purples to black.  For the larger rivers and unweighted fly in the same colors with a longer tip in the 10 foot of T14 range.

When it's time to get down and dirty, many people like to use a sink tip with a big and bright fly when approaching winter steelhead. If you get a grab but come up empty-handed, replace the fly with a smaller, less colorful pattern. Large weighted Peach patterns tend to work well in certain rivers when winter steelhead fishing.   As with most winter steelhead fisheries, the river can get quite low, in which case swinging small subtle, black or purple flies are the order of the day.

When fishing big flows for winter steelhead, use large patterns that have a lot of movement in the water. A big, dark silhouette works best in cloudy water. Smaller patterns work well when water clarity is good, and brightly colored flies produce in low-light conditions. These are some good Haida Gwaii fly patterns that work well.

Idylwilde flies -

  • Morejohn's Bantam -  Pink
  • Blue Charm
  • Idyl's Bruiser - Black & Purple
  • Morrish's Medusa -  Popsicle
  • Hickman's Party Boy - Pink
  • Fox’s sleech purple
  • Morrish's Trailer Trash - Black & Blue, and sherbet

Targus Fly -

  • AB Egg-Sucking Leech
  • Articulated Multi-Leech, Black/Chartreuse Butt
  • Bead Strip Tees, Orange
  • Egg String Leech, Black
  • General Practitioner, Orange